Ice Cream Bundle


“They say you can’t buy happiness… but you can buy ice cream and that’s pretty much the same thing.”

This Ice Cream Bundle has fun themed cage accessories sized most appropriately for chinchillas and rats. Check out the goodies below:

You will get a Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop Ledge, Waffle Bowl Bed, Ice Cream Toy, and either an Ice Cream Food Dish or a Waffle Food Dish.

This set will take about 5 days longer to ship than our usual wood. If you are looking for our other Scoops Ahoy visit the Stranger Things Bundle

What You Get:

Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop Ledge is 8 inches wide x 6 inches deep x about 7 inches tall with a a 3 x 6 inch window for your ice cream server to pop in. Attaches to the cage on the bottom with 2 hanger bolts, washers, and wingnuts. Made from premium pine, poplar, wood burning, and sugar free food coloring.

Waffle Bowl Bed is our fun version of a 10 inch Cuddle Cup. This is premium fleece casing foam. If your animal chews fleece, reach out to use for a fleece filled version. It will not stand up as well. The Waffle Bowl attaches to your cage wall with snaps and will stand with the inner pillow (ice cream scoop) removed. Meaning you can skip a few washes on your Waffle Bowl and lessen the risk of your foam warping. It can also be installed on ledges where a bed may normally fall off. Plus it will not be drug, flipped, or otherwise rearranged by your fuzzy interior decorator. Your flavor of ice cream will dictate what solid colored pillow is included in your order- vanilla is the default. Let us know in the checkout notes if you’d like another flavor instead. Again, it is foam filled. Please contact us for fleece filled options if need be.

Ice Cream Toy is poplar, pine, and sugar free food coloring. Includes 2 hanging clips to hang either from the sides or the top. It is 8 inches tall.

Ice Cream Food / Treat Dishes – Choose from the variation options to receive either a sundae dish or waffle cone dish. Food safe ceramic.

Add On – Add Sprinkles to your order and order any pine from the wood category and we will sprinkle up your whole order like Scoops Ahoy.


Personalized Name Tag
Click the photo to order personalized Scoops Ahoy Nametags. Not our product, but we bought ten and can happily vouch for the quality and quick shipping. Available in pin or magnet back.





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Food Dish

Blue Sundae, Pink Sundae, White Sundae, Waffle Cone


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