Gift Blocks


These are the super cute gift boxes we made for Chinmas that everyone raved about.

They are small! Chinchilla, rat, guinea pig sized chew blocks packaged adorably.

One Set Includes: 6 flavored poplar and pine gift boxes colored with sugar free kool-aid and wrapped in raffia, palm shredder, seagrass, and coconut twirls. Each box varies from 1 inch in diameter to 2 x 2 inches. Leave us your pets names for pine gift tags.

Two Sets: 12 flavored poplar and pine gift boxes as described above. We will change up the wrappings on the second set.

Colors for raffia wraps and pom poms will vary.


Pairs nicely with a Personalized Birthday Garland, Rainbow Set, Ice Cream Bundle, and the colorful Ramp

Get a discount buy buying the Birthday Bundle.


Earn up to 21 Fluff Bucks.

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