Custom Cage Set – Non-Refundable Deposit


We LOVE doing cage sets. However, because of the time required, we only allow 3 on our production line at any given time. You may backorder but please note we will let you know when we can squeeze you into production as it will be after current orders are completed.

This is a listing to purchase a custom cage bundle. Examples include hammocks, ramps, shelves, huts, hanging tunnels, bridges, the sky is the limit! Fabric products are made from fleece, cotton, or minky depending on your specifications. We will only make species specific, safe products so do not request anything specifically unsafe for your pet. Our wood products will be made from pine, secured with hanger bolts for cages, dowels for chewing rodents, screws or pins for non chewing animals.

Custom liner sets (in stock fabric, non licensed prints) for cages are offered as:

Ferret Nation/Critter Nation Single Level (1 shelf, 1 pan) $40 for drop in or pillowcase

Double Level (2 shelves, 2 pans) $75 for drop in or pillowcase

Add $10 per ramp cover

Add $5 per stainless steel snap set

We can do absorbent layers on drop ins only for pet safety.

Other cages, I will do drop in liners only. Without pans to test pillowcase covers, I do not feel comfortable guaranteeing their fit.

Any custom set over $75 will be sent with a coordinating free chew toy. Any specifications requiring special or licensed fabrics will require additional charges.


A non-refundable deposit of $40 is required for materials, design time, and placement in the production line. The $40 paid will be applied to your invoice. We will email you to start planning your order and invoice the difference after the product bundle is set and agreed upon. Sketches, photographs, measurements, etc are appreciated to make sure we are getting through design quickly. Fluff Bucks will be added to your account based upon your invoice so make sure you set up an account.

If your order value comes under $125 including the deposit, shipping will be estimated and included on your invoice. If your order is $125 or over, you get free shipping as you would from the website. If you are ordering a small number of large products, please note that shipping by weight may get costly. We don’t want you to be upset during the invoicing step.

Personalization and coloring can be included on this cage set and will be quoted after discussing design. If you are looking for elaborately designed themes please pay your deposit here. Think premium or custom printed fleece, movie or character themed toys, etc. There is excessive lead times on many of those items and we have a larger deposit for that reason. Check out our limited edition bundles to see examples.

REQUIREMENTS We require that you provide us with the species of your animal, their cage type and model, and your budget and desired cage products. Again, we will not make a set that is unsafe for your animal.

NOT REQUIRED BUT REALLY APPRECIATED We really love getting photos of our custom sets to advertise to customers.

A note on fabric- we will give you options for discounted fabrics we have ON HAND – check them out here. If we need to order your fabric retail (Joann’s etc) the price will be MSRP for the fabric as we do not receive any bulk discounts.

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