Fluff Bucks

Simple Rewards

$1.20 = 1 Fluff Buck
25 Fluff Bucks = $1 Off
In other words, every $30 you spend on awesome stuff for your fur baby gets you $1 off of your next order.
Certain promotions offered during the year give you even higher rewards!

How do you earn Fluff Bucks?

Set up an account and you will get 100 Fluff Bucks just for joining!

You get 1 Fluff Buck for every $1.20 you spend (not including tax and shipping). 

Review your AWESOME purchases for 25 Fluff Bucks.

Follow us on Facebook for another 10 Fluff Bucks. Please send us a message saying “10 Fluff Bucks for [insert member email here]” Sometimes it’s hard to tell who fuzzyandfabulous@chinloverexample.com is. 

We have promos multiple times a year where you can earn up to 3 times the Fluff Bucks. Keep an eye on your e-mails and our posts.

How do you redeem Fluff Bucks?

That is as easy as earning them! Your Fluff Bucks will post to your account after you do something amazing listed above. Then you can apply them to your cart like a coupon in increments of 25 Fluff Bucks ($1 off each). Rewards redemption is capped to 40% an item’s price. You cannot redeem less than 25 Fluff Bucks and any excess Fluff Bucks will remain in your account 2 years from their earning date. Rewards are typically not able to be combined with a coupon. 

Legal Terms and Conditions

  1. Reward points are not transferable.
  2. Reward points cannot be redeemed for cash under any circumstances.
  3. Reward points cannot be refunded on canceled orders.
  4. Points will be deducted on items that are returned.
  5. Shipping and taxes are excluded from the reward point’s calculation.