Due to limitations in rate apps, you will be quoted for USPS shipping alone. We ship via FedEx, UPS, or USPS depending on your cheapest rate and refund you the difference. We will prioritize faster shipping times as well. Ready to ship items are shipped within 3 business days of your order. Personalized items are shipped within 10-20 days.  If longer, it will be stated on the item’s page. Pre-Order items are shipped on their available date listed in your invoie. If you are ordering a large, custom set handling times may be longer and we will specify on your invoice or in follow up. Please understand that we will not break ground on custom orders without a deposit and sometimes require larger prepayment for our own security.

Free shipping during COVID-19 will be a moving target. It will change. We have to pay fees for every package pickup and have had some of our shipping discounts suspended by carriers.

Packages returned to us at no fault of our own are the responsibility of the customer to reship.

Because of the nature of our products, most items cannot be returned. If there is a problem with your order, please reach out to us so we can resolve it. We just cannot risk cross-contamination from animals by reselling an item. In that same right, we do not accept unopened pet food products as returns, but some other products such as dust may be returned if buyer pays return shipping. We will never sell you pet food that has changed hands due to the risks of contamination. 

We ensure our products are safe for chinchillas, and thus are safe for a number of other exotic pets and rodents. We also disclose if a product we sell for say rabbits or ferrets would not be safe to chinchillas. It is your job to determine whether or not a product is safe for your animal prior to use. It is always equally important to monitor items in your cage or play area for failure. We are not liable for misuse of our products. We always send out our best practices advice for use of our products after your purchase or in your package. We also strive to be 100% transparent on our products components.

To simplify the process of ordering and designing custom cage sets please check out the Designed by You category of our shop. 

We accept deposit on custom designed sets through the shop and add you to the production line. Please note the only coupons we apply to a custom set would be a military/veterans discount. If you use a discount on your deposit, it just reduces what you pay up front. Please understand that we do not require deposits for any reason outside of ensuring that when we begin design, you are ready to order and we can afford to purchase special supplies. When we spend a lot of time discussing design with a “maybe” customer, it makes our paying customers wait on their orders and we pride ourselves on shipping quickly.

However, please allow ample time to fulfill custom orders. We only accept a limited quantity at any time and stop doing custom requests some time before the holidays to relax and decompress with our family.

If you are in need of a wheel or cage, we highly recommend Quality Cage Crafters. The Chin Spin is the single most recommended chinchilla wheel in groups. While it may carry a higher cost than an Etsy wheel, it is a solid investment in a long lasting wheel and offered in a number of fun colors! They are manufactured in the United States.

Please reach out to us. While we do not offer a special discount on the site, we do offer specially priced bulk ledges. You must agree not to resell our products and provide some evidence of your establishment.

Please check our promotions section, Twitter, and Facebook for current promotions.

If you are active duty military or a veteran, please e-mail us. After verifying your status you will have a personal discount for the website redeemable on almost all products. We are a military family and have lots of love for our battle buddies state-side and abroad. If you have any issue checking out with an APO address, let us know and we can invoice you for your cart and shipping. 

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