About Us

Andrew has been into wood working since his youth. He is now an engineer and the woodworking mastermind of Whiskers and Fluff.

Brittany is the owner of Whiskers and Fluff. She used to sell fleece cage liners on Chins and Hedgies back in 2009. After her dearest Pikachu passed over the rainbow bridge, she took a break. Our inspiration to get back into business was our daughter’s adorable ebony, Jiji, seen below. She is our seamstress, pyrographer, designer, and small animal specialist.

Guin is a creative genius with a huge heart. We love to get her input and execute her fabulous ideas. She receives commission off of anything in the store with the sticker – “A Guin Design” or “Guin Original”. 

T is our little helper. He has a big voice and a generous heart. 

Product Approval Team – The Floofs

Everything on this site is the creative work of our family. Please don’t steal or borrow designs, photos, or product descriptions. That would just be weird.
Thanks for being kind!